When a credit card can come in handy, there is nothing better to kick back and relax from long working hours to pamper yourself that might require you to shell out big chunks of money to treat yourself to a nice spa, good holiday or a scrumptious dinner at a fancy hotel. Some people like shopping so much that they don’t even give it a second thought and carried away easily. If you don’t practice good use of credit card then you might have looming cloud of debt over your head. So to Get Rid of the Credit Card Debt” you might want to start dealing with your actions before it gets out of hands. ShubhBank guides you through some steps that will turn your credit habits onto the right path.


Prioritize the debts: The utmost rule when it comes to debt is to cut off the primary source of your debts. In most of cases the credit card debt is due to the highest outstanding balance and higher rate of interest. If you have multiple cards, you should sequence your debt clearance plan.

Consolidate the debts: the other way of dealing with credit card is to consolidate it and pay it off with your savings or by opting for personal loan. This thing only works if your card debt is a large amount that you can’t seem to pay off right way. Nothing can beat the clearance of your card balance in one go.

Pay as much more than your minimum due: The automated minimum due payment system is convenient and Hassle Free For Credit Cards but it comprises a lot of debt and high rate of interest over time. So to reduce the debt, pay as much as you possibly can to reduce the outstanding amount, improving your debt situations.

Use your credit card wisely: You will be surprised to know that many abuse their credit card limits to an extent that they end up digging into a bigger debt hole. If you are also in that situation where your debts are considerably growing large, the smart way to handle is cut off the use of credit card purchase for a while and focus on paying your overdue bills.

Opt a 0% APR card: The other option to deal your debt is a new credit card and transfer your balance to it and target on clearing a decent amount of your debt by 0% APR period ends.

Check your credit report: If you need insights into credit card payment history and it limits, you can check your credit score for free at website ShubhBank.com. It will give you the clear picture of your debt situation to quickly plan your way out.

The magical plastic card is a financial tool that can reward you with various benefits, discounts and perks, if you treat it right. So practicing a good paying habit will never let you to fall into a pit of debt.